Social Recruiting 1

How to use social recruiting

Be it receiving updates about current happenings on the go, or getting a sneak peek into the life of the rich and famous, it is safe to say that social media has revolutionized the way we live and function. It has slowly, but surely, crept into every sphere of our lives, making itself an indispensable entity. Apart from the large number of obvious uses that social media has, it is also being used increasingly by HR professionals for the purpose of recruiting suitable employees.
Social recruiting (social hiring or social media recruitment) is recruiting candidates by using social platforms as talent databases or for advertising. Popular social media sites used for recruiting include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, XING, Google+ and BranchOut. Here’s how to make the most of this upcoming trend through your social networking profiles.

  • Keep yourself updated- Most companies actively operate through social media and have profiles on most of the popular websites, where they advertise any job openings or vacancies that arise. Following potential employers and keeping an eye out for any such announcements is thus a sure shot way to use social recruiting for your benefit.
  • Update your social media profiles- Your social media profiles must always be complete with important details such as those about your educational qualifications, past professional engagements and the current ones. Not only do recruiters use these to look for candidates, they also analyze these profiles while zeroing in on candidates. While this doesn’t require to sugar coat things, painting a good picture of yourself on social media will only help.
  • Network- No matter what your interest, profession or job, you’ll find an umpteen number of online communities formed by others who share your interests. Look up some active ones on sites like Quora and Facebook and engage in discussions reflecting topics you’re passionate about and become known as a source for reliable content. Not only will you meet like-minded people and widen your social circle, you might also chance upon a job opportunity you could never have foreseen.
  • Showcase your knowledge- While on the abovementioned groups, refrain from engaging in such interaction with a single-minded attitude. Introduce yourself, answer questions and share interesting material. Market yourself as a reliable asset that can be banked upon when required. This will build social capital and will provide you with a recall value that will help whenever anyone on the group has something up for grabs.
  • Make Connections- An average professional has around 200 connections on professional social networks such as LinkedIn. These connections can very well be used when you’re searching for your next job. Many of these will be people you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Reintroduce yourself, catch up. You never know, one of these could prove to be handy when you’re on the lookout for a job.

With the advent of social media recruiting, finding a job has become easier than it ever was. By following the above tips, job seekers can take advantage of this trend to improve their odds of finding a job, and be active citizens of the social age.