Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

We don’t have a choice whether we DO social media; the question is how well we DO it- Erik Qualman
As you read in the previous article, social media is increasingly becoming the top source for companies to recruit and hire personnel. In such a scenario, ensuring that you’re doing it right is of monumental importance. Here are some simple Dos and Don’ts that will ensure you’re on top of your social media game.
1. BE VOCAL- Nobody likes having to go through a ghost profile that doesn’t have active content to display. Social networking provides you a voice, make use of it. Share your views on things- current happenings, your hobbies, interests etc. Sharing what you have to say online makes people see you as a credible person who has opinions and is not afraid to share them.
2. USE CORRECT GRAMMAR- If you ‘typ lyk dis’ on your account, people are going to think you’re still stuck in the era when instant messaging had just arrived and ‘texting language’ was still a thing. Being grammatically correct lends your profile a formal touch which is automatically seen as more professional. Keeping sentences and messages short and to the point is the key to using social media effectively.
3. MARKET YOURSELF- The whole point of social recruiting is being able to choose from people whose ‘brands’ are readily available for selection online. Using your social media profile to build yourself as a brand is of utmost importance. Play up your strengths, share your achievements and make sure what you’re sharing is relevant and authentic.
4. NETWORK- If you’re not making the use of the ‘social’ element of social media, you’re doing it wrong. Well built and maintained connections and relationships go a long way and today, doing so is easier than ever before. Get back in touch with old friends, join groups that interest you and interact with like-minded people. Remember, it’s a small world, and you never know when a friend could prove useful in times of need.

1. SHARE EVERYTHING- When it comes to the online word, less is definitely more. Nobody wants to know the minute-to-minute updates of your daily routine, what you have for breakfast every single day, or how many different places you visit in a day. More often than not, you do not have complete control over who’s viewing the content you share online, and you should keep that in mind while making a post, not only to protect your privacy, but also not to come off as annoying or obsessive.
2. POST OFFENSIVE CONTENT- Inviting trouble on purpose is never a wise thing to do. Refrain from sharing content that could easily offend people or hurt general sentiments. Jibes at a certain community, sexist jokes or anything that promotes close-minded stereotypes would be examples of content you should NEVER share. Ensure what you’re posting wouldn’t be hurtful to anyone before putting it up online, and you’ll be fine.
3. SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ONLINE- No matter how interesting and fun the online world is, you have a life beyond your social media presence, and you need to make sure you don’t lose track of that. A person who’s always online would come off as someone who doesn’t really have much to do and prefers to while away time. After all, your virtual persona will only be appealing and credible if you’re making considerable achievements in real life first.

Although the above rules are helpful, there is no strict guidebook when it comes to making a social media profile and online etiquette. Play it by ear, do what feels right and remember to be honest instead of exaggerating facts.